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Attributes - Brand Attributes Workshop (free Notion Template)

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Side hustle. Second act. Third wind. We know you need brand strategy, but we also know you can't hire someone. So we pivoted from providing brand strategy to business as a service, to helping people like you get started on a dream.

We help you find you roar and make visions real. Develop, define and clarify your brand's:

  • values
  • personality
  • culture
  • voice
  • people (customers)
  • impact

This is a really basic template, hence the $0 price.

But despite being basic, the Brand Attributes exercise is THE core step in any brand strategy workshop. With just this short exercise, you can give yourself a voice and personality, and create certainty for marketing, design and communications.

That said, it's just one part of our larger brand strategy workshop template collection for Notion:

1. Whys
2. Futures
3. Attributes <- this one
4. Personas
5. Goals
6. Messaging

Explore key things about your brand, and decide on your own values, culture, customers, z-factor. Also craft unique communication guidelines with attributes for voice, feeling and impact.

The greatest thing about brand strategy is that you learn so much by doing so little.

How it works

This notion template can be duplicated to your own notion account (which you must have and be logged in to). You can then use it as often as you like, as well as publishing as an internal resource.

The template mirrors what is traditionally done on whiteboard and with post-its - however between us, it works much better as a Notion template, as reordering lists is an integral part of this activity.

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Access to a Notion template you can duplicate for yourself, and tips on facilitating a brand strategy exercise.

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Attributes - Brand Attributes Workshop (free Notion Template)

1 rating
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